Welcome To Rock Foundation School

We are greatly delighted to acquaint you with Rock Foundation School, our people, our facilities, our environment and activities.

Founded on absolute faith and trust in God, Rock Foundation School is committed to training students in the fear of God and nurturing them to become morally sound, responsible and intelligent individuals.

These we will achieve by making the best use of our experienced personnel and available resources to inspire the best in them.

Here at Rock Foundation School, no child is left behind. Every child is special and every child is made.
Welcome to our world.


To be an outstanding school which provides enjoyable learning environment. To be a happy, nurturing, encouraging, caring and safe environment for pupils, students and staff.
Offer high quality educational programs to pupils and students, across a wide spectrum of academic fields and interests.
Encourage individual to develop a broad range of competencies.
Offer high quality curricular and extra-curricular activities, for personal development.
Develop sound values, which will equip students with appropriate wisdom, attitudes, skills and knowledge to lead a fulfilling and productive life in which service to others is paramount.
 Foster a culture of continuous improvement in all activities.
Equip students with the skills to manage change.
To encourage students to have self worth and personal identity. read more......

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